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Using a multimetre!

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    Ok.. well im at college and i do Forensic Science.. i have never been taught any physics.. and as ive started college one of the subjects in my course is Physics.. and i passed the first assignment and i cant pass the "how to set up basic circuits test" ... my teacher isnt very good.. he just shouts at me for not knowing how to do it.. he doesnt understand ive never done any of this before and the others have :(

    I need to set up basic circuits and get correct readings using a multimetre and show them in pictures... Ammetre and Volts. I just dont get it.. any one any tips?! or anything?!!

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    Try a book on basic electricity....it's simple once you get some basics...

    A voltage reading is taken by placing the meter on a voltage scale and the meter probes across the item to be measured...a voltmeter is connected in parallel.

    For current readings, which measures the passage of electrons, that is current flow, the meter must be set on amps and the meter probes inserted in series in the circuit..that is, the circuit must be opened at the point of interest and the meter probes connected to those open circuit terminals...

    You'll do much better searching online....here is one source:


    good luck...
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