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Using a proxy

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    how do you use a proxy to access the internet?
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    by proxy.. u mean hiding your ip address and all.. if i am not wrong..

    well if you want to do the same.. check out secure-tunnel.com and surf secure.
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    I'll say it again: proxies are not worth the effort. You'll get a slower connection and a false sense of security.
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    so you're now saying that an ip address can be traced even through proxies???
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    i don't think that the ip address is traceable but yes the page loads a little slowly.. but not much difference does that make, if you are able to secure ur IP address.
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    High security connection to a proxy will totally fake your IP address but the speed is painfully slow. The more secure your IP, the slower your connection is. You might want to try Complete Anonymous Web Surfing utility.
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    Be aware that a lot of sites block access to people going through proxys, you may not be able to access certain sites, including PF.
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