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Using a wireless modem

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    can any one help me regarding wireless modems.!!
    i want to know that if i am having a wifi internet in my universitiy and i use wireless modems and then connect them to my computer using RJ45 cable then will i be able to use internet normally ?
    the main purpose of this question is that i want to enquire that are there any modems called "wireless modems" that does the same activity as the i mentioned above.
    there's a video showing the description about such kind of modems and the link is as :

    these might be modems from site:
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    Wifi is simply a network signal. Connecting to wifi is no different to plugging in to an ethernet port (hard wire).

    Computers can easily switch between the two with no interaction from the user.

    The internet "will work normally".
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    thanks a lot paying heed to the problem ,
    but actually i asked the problem because my universities is just having wifi net and i need to connect my arduino's ethernet shield to the computer and that why i need to connect one end of the RJ45 to the shield and the other to the modem having the port for the cable.so.... that was the big picture,, hope you understand the problem and hope u can suggest something..
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    I have absolutely no idea what you're asking.

    It sounds like you want to connect to the university wifi and then share the connection through the computers RJ45 port to allow this Arduino thing to connect to the internet. In which case, Windows can do this very easily via Internet Connection Sharing.
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