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I Using Compressibility Chart

  1. Sep 14, 2016 #1
    How do you find a value for Z using the compressibility chart when the temperature line you're trying to use ends?

    For example, if you look at the compressibility chart and try to find a value for z with P_r = .75 and T_r = .96, you will notice that the line for T_r = .95 ends well before the pressure of .75. How do you find a value for Z in this situation?
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    How many phases do you have to deal with when Pr, Tr are less than 1.0?
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    Why do the Tr lines stop increasing in Pr after a while?
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    What do you think the dashed line in the figure represents?
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    the psuedo reduced specific volume

    edit: i just realized you meant the saturated vapor line, anything below that line isnt a saturated vapor so im assuming you can't use Pv=ZRT?

    So if I asked you what the value for Tr is at Pr= .4 and Z=.6, what would your response be? This isn't a homework question by the way I just want to know what your response would be.
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