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Using excel to determine equation.

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    i already enter the data, and then obtain the curve graph for the data.
    how can i obtain the equation of the curve from excel?
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    and another question, i have data from day 1 to day 21. how can i get the extimated value for day 30 with excel?
    any help will be appreciated.
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    After charting your data select the "add trend" line option. You are given the choice of several different line fits, choose the one that is defined by the under lying math of your data... Or chose the one that is a close match to the trend in your data. In the trendlines options there is a check box for displaying the equation on the chart.

    If your data is linear, you can also use the LINEST command to compute the slope and intercept of the best fit line. This is the same as choosing a linear fit trend line, except the slope and intercept are more easily used to extrapolate (this the official name of extending a trend line beyond your data set.

    You can also extrapolate by selecting your data and "drag fill" the column until you get beyond the x value you need. For this to work you need a constant [itex] \Delta [/itex]x in your data.
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    thank you.
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