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Homework Help: Using IVT and RT

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    "Using IVT and RT work out an estimate for the smallest distance between the point (0,0) and the curve
    y = e^x "
    Can anyone help me with this question? Thanks.

    Note: IVT is "Intermediate Value Theorem" and RT is "Rolle's Theorem"
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    What is the function for distance between the points (0,0) and (x,e^x)?
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    RT says there is a point where the tangent (to d2) is horizontal, since the function ->+∞ for both x and -x ->∞. This would be the minimum.

    Use IVT on the derivative of x2 lets you find the minimum (0 derivative), since the derivative goes to +∞ as x goes to +∞, while it goes to -∞ as x goes to -∞.
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