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Using KF for electrolysis

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    Can I use potassium fluoride for electrolysis? Instead of KOH, or NaOH.

    This cell will be operated @ near 90 C, so I want the graphite electrodes to last as long as possible. I just need to know if the fluoride ion can be oxidized in an aqueous solution...I know fluorine gas is usually generated with a molten fluoride salt, so I don't think it will happen in sol, but I'm not sure.

    I DO understand the toxicity of the compound...

    245 mg per kg LD 50 in a rat...compared to NaCN's 9 mg per kg

    I just need to know if the fluoride ion is stable in sol, or not?
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    It must be soluted in pure HF. If KF is soluted in water then the fluoride anions will react with it violently.
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    Pure nonsense.
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