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Using maths to identify 'ideal' physical proportions

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    hello clever people,

    dont worry this isnt another thread about divine proportion, that can be debated forever, it is about customising aesthetics to someones own personal preference and using maths to optimise these measurements.

    basically i am a character designer and i am extremely fed up with dithering back and forth when it comes to deciding the length and proportion of the features of a characters body, like the length of the arm, how broad the shoulders should be, how wide the muscle should be in relation to one another etc.

    When analysing the human form in isolation, the only difference between one person and another is the proportion of the features on the body. We all have the same number of features, just in varying degrees of accentuation and distances between. What i wanted to know is is there a way of using maths to determine a specific value for the proportional relationships of the features of the human body and based on the proportions of the individual features, a measurement for the most pleasing distance between those features. So the artist can draw a full character in front and side profile and Basically the end result should be a character with all its features and distances between them harmonising well and producing an aesthetically pleasing shape.

    i know this may seem far fetched but i think in an ideal human body there is a perfect mathematical relationship between one feature and the next, a common mathematical relationship.

    if anyone could give me any advice on this topid i would love to here them....and dont just link me to a site about divine proportions. thanks

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