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Using matlab to find roots.

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    I am trying to use matlab to find the roots of a quadratic by the standard iterative techniques. I am totally on top of all this work in theory and in practice when it comes to doing it with a calculator or Excel, but I have never used matlab before and I have been given the code below to use.

    The trouble is I don't know how I am s'posed to enter the equation that I am using for the iteration.

    Suppose the equation was x^2 - 4x -11 = 0
    Then I obviously need to get the computer to recognise that I want to find the fixed point of

    x = (4x+11)^.5

    But where do I tell the computer that this is the equation I want to solve?

    Here is the code I was given. I suppose it must have something to do with "Gather input data"?

    % programme Bisection
    % Bisection method for finding root of equation
    % Algorithm from Burden & Faires page 47
    % Gather input data
    a = input('Input lower endpoint: ');
    b = input('Input upper endpoint: ');
    tol = input('Input tolerance: ');
    Nmax = input('Input maximum number of iterations: ');
    count = 1;
    fa = f(a);

    % Iterate
    while count <= Nmax
    p = a + (b-a)/2;
    fp = f(p);
    % Test for finish
    if or(fp == 0, (b-a)/2 < tol)
    disp('Calculated root is: ');
    disp('Number of iterations was: ');
    count = count + 1;
    % Compute next interval
    if fa*fp > 0
    a = p;
    fa = fp;

    % If we get here then no root was found
    disp('Method failed: Number of iterations: ')

    Thankyou very much in advance.
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    It looks like you need to define a function file f.m for that code to use. If you run the code in your post as is, I suspect you will receive an error stating that the function f is not defined.

    Try something like:
    Code (Text):

    [COLOR="Blue"]function[/COLOR] [ y ] = f( x )
        y = a.*x.^2 + b.*x + c; [COLOR="SeaGreen"]% replace a, b, and c with the constants of your quadratic.[/COLOR]
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