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Using Maxwell SV for Ion Engines

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    I had a question about the Maxwell SV program and was hopping someone might be able to answer it for me. Using the Maxwell program I have made a whole bunch of different cases of magnet geometries for an 8cm Ion Engine and they all seem to be good. The only problem is that when I try save the plots information I either get unreadable files or files I can open in excel but it are not of any use to me because the data isn’t in any format that can be used to extract various gauss lines. I was hopping you might know how to get the plot information out of Maxwell and into a text file or even excel in a data fashion that matlab could then use to get various gauss lines in terms of x and y coordinates. I know that there is a way to do this because a previous student’s work on this had output files that were useable from there plots. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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