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Using MS stuff since I bought my PC

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    I've been using MS stuff since I bought my PC, Win 3.1->95->98->2000->XP. Recently I'm in a situation that requires me to use a Unix based OS. So I have to find the most simple one to get along with. These are the features that the OS must have:
    2. PHP 4.x ( 0<x<4)
    3. MysQl 4.1
    4. SAMBA (Our stations are all Billi enabled so we have to transfer files betweeen Win and Lin)
    Those four nice guys have been killing me since I entered Linux world.
    I installed Redhat Linux 7. It had Apache, Mysql 3... and PHP 3.3.
    When I upgraded Mysql 3 to Mysql 4.1. After that the apache didn't work anymore.
    Then I installed Redhat 9.0 but the same thing happend again.
    Last week I boughtFedoracore 4. It has ready to use mysql 4.1 .
    When I installed the four guys, Mysql and PHP 5 and Apache were working well. But Samba .... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
    From our win stations we can easily enter to the Fedoracore server, but all it offers is Read access. I mean we can't copy files to it. It even doesn't let us create a single folder in it :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
    I thought it is possible to solve it by configuring smb.conf. I was wrong :cry:
    I don't know what is happening in the core of the Fedora Core. Because I runned a FTP server on it. Even in a FTP connection it didn't let me to copy a file into it :cry: :cry: :cry:
    Are you thinking of a firewall? no, no. I didn't install any. Fedoracore asked me severly to install it. BUt I didn't. ( I belive sometimes a guard can be more dangerous than a thief. so I never use Firewalls or antivirueses. :biggrin: ) What's wrong?
    Ok, I think a better question could be this one:
    Do you know a good linux os with APACHE SERVER, PHP 4.x ( 0<x<4), MysQl 4.1 and Samba installed on it without that much trouble??
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    Slackware is my recommendation, it wasn't hard at all to set up LAMP and Samba on 10.1. Slack 10.2 will be out soon and will have MySQL 4.1.
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    hard for some one who knows what they are doing and hard for some one who uses windows are completely different.

    slack would be great if it would get over the whole sets based install.

    floppy disks are not used at all for installing systems anymore!!!

    oh, and some simple hardware detection would be nice too.
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    You know, we have a working linux server here with PHP, Apache, Mysql, and Samba working well on it. I copied it's smb.conf to the Fedora4 server and it has the same problems again. So I'm sure that the access problems are not coming out of smb.conf. Today I'm meeting somebody who knows penguins very well in order to solve the problems on our Fedora server. He's the last hope for me. If he can't work it around, I'm gonna go buy a Debian distribution.
    Thanks for all the links and suggestions.
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    I didn't use floppies to install Slack, I just downloaded their ISOs and used those.
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    Ok, let me give it a go another time, because I found something new in the Samba.
    When I share /tmp everything is ok. No "access is denied" message appears when I copy files into it.
    I made another directory and renamed it to "/omid" and made it's chmod "777". World wide accessible, just like /tmp. But when I share it, I can even enter it. Is there any other permission manager other than chmod? The chmod of bothe /tmp and /omid is 777, so why they behave differently?
    ** I also tested 1777, because /tmp is sticky. It didn't work either.
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    I said software sets. the install has been designed for floppy disks and they have never changed it. That is the problem.
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    Yesterday I went to my expert friend.
    He installed Fedora4, by my CD's. The differencs was the point that he didn't use graphical mode. He also compiled everything from Apache to php.
    Now I have a server with Fedora4 on it, but I don't know how to install it again by myself. So debian is the only way to go for me.
    Thanks a lot
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    Now, we have a LAMP server runnig properly. Finally I used Debian. I like it a lot :D I think it's far more better than Redhat for somebody who doesn't know how to complie programs in linux.
    Thank you very much
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