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Using multimeter

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    While measuring the value of resistance using multimeter..why we disconnect it from circuit..even if the power supply is of???
    Since ther's no power supply it will'nt affect the readings...?? Does it?:uhh:
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    If you leave it connected to the circuit, you are not only measuring the resistance of the resistor, but you are also measuring the resistance of the rest of the circuit that is parallel to the resistor.
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    If you measure from side to side without taking it out of the circuit and you use the color code and multiplier system you can see if its the reading it should be. If a red red orange is reading 21700 ohms on the meter then you know that ones ok, if it reads 210 then you know to lift it and take another reading. Use: bad boys ravage our young girls but violet gives willingly. black=0 brown=1 red=2 orange=3 yellow=4 green=5 blue=6 violet=7 grey=8 white=9 digits 1&2 and the third is the multiplier. example: red red orange = 2 2 and 3 zeros or 22000
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