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Using Op Amps for Digital

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    I had electronics last semester, and we went over some digital briefly at the end. I think we learned a bit about digital circuits using diodes and something about transitor-transitor logic?

    Anyway, at the time I was wondering if there was a way to use Op Amps to create digital circuits.
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    In TTL, 0 volts = 0 and 5 volts = 1

    You can easily achieve various gates with op amps, a combination of window comparators could work.
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    I remember after the semester ended I was attempting to create gates with op amps and I was getting some 2s in there. I might have then tried to see how it fit in with ternary instead of binary.

    but it seems as if too much of my memory has decayed since then. I need to read up on this stuff again.
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    I'd recommend that you read the intro electronics book "The Art of Electronics" by Horowitz and Hill. In there, you will learn all kinds of practical things, like what it takes to run an opamp with a single supply rail like 5V. You cannot run just any old opamp between those rails and expect to get something useful.
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    cool my school has a copy

    i'll check it out
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