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Homework Help: Using Phasors to Graph Intensity vs Angle (4 slits)

  1. Mar 7, 2012 #1
    3.a) Use phasors to sketch the intensity vs. angle for a 4-slit interference pattern (identical
    width and separation d=5 microns, wavelength =0.5 microns.)

    b) On the same angular scale, draw the intensity pattern if the top two slits are covered.

    c) The intensity pattern if the bottom 2 slits are covered is the same as (b), of course. So
    you can consider the top and bottom pairs of slits as two sources that have an angularly
    dependent radiation pattern. These two sources interfere with each other, and they are
    separated by 2d (center to center.) Draw, on the same angular scale, the intensity pattern
    for interference of two uniform slit sources separated by 2d. If you multiply this by your
    pattern in (b), you should get your pattern in (a).

    d) Now consider the interference pattern from just the top and bottom slits, which have a
    separation of 3d. (Cover the two middle slits.) Sketch, on the same angular scale, this
    pattern. Are the zeros of intensity at the same angles as in (a)? Discuss why or why not.

    Hey, I have been working on this problem for a while now and am not sure where to start,

    so far I have dsin(θ)=mλ and i calculated the angle to be θ=asin(.5μ/5μ) which gave me a value of 5.74 degrees. am i on the right track?

    Any help on how to move forward will help a lot!
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