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Using Salt Peter as gasoline improver.

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    Well i read that Salt Peter is a strong oxydizer (sorry about my english) so i thought that if I mix it with gasoline then i should get more power out from my car. But won't the mixture of gasoline and saltpeter explode in the gas tank?
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    The solubility of KNO3 in hydrocarbons is quite small; you won't get enough into solution to give you any significant effect. Explode in the tank? You'll be looking at clogging of the gas line from undissolved salt before you get to any sort of "explosive" mixture proportions. Thinking of blowing up someone else's car? The initiator requirement for detonating gasoline-KNO3 is probably greater than the explosive yield of the mixture itself.
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    Hmmm. 18-crown-6?
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