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Using something like Anki (spaced repetition system) for university?

  1. Sep 7, 2011 #1
    Greetings everyone!

    Has anyone here successfully used a program like Anki to try and remember as much information for university exams? Has it been a successful method of study, or a big waste of time??

    I'm in an engineering program and everything is split in units of two weeks, where we are given a problem and we must solve it. To do so, we have to learn new material, and we have an exam at the end of every 2 weeks units. I'm not sure how to say it in english, I think it is PBL (project based learning).

    While doing the exam at the end of the 2 weeks units must be easy since you've been working on related problems for 2 weeks non-stop, we also get exams at the end of the term, which means I'll have to remember everything I learned in the first 2 weeks without touching much of it ever again.

    I was thinking Anki could be a great way to make sure I never forget what I learned, but I'm not sure if the time spent building Anki cards and reviewing them would better be spent actually reviewing the material straight from the books.

    Does anyone have an opinion on this? Anki is usually used to learn words in new languages, and my goal is NOT to remember everything using rote-memorization; I'll start by understanding the material, then try to remember the most information I can using anki.
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