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Using space time for FTL communications

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    I think we all know what an Alcubierre drive is, well this is similar in principle. Is it possible to conduct faster than light communication through the acceleration of a bubble of space time? is it even possible to do this without a ship, and just send it out as a warp bubble from a point like with a ship, but again no ship with no drive?
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    The Alcubierre drive is believed to be impossible, requiring as it would some exotic matter that doesn't seem to exist. Other than that all I can see is that you have strung together some techno babble.
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    Yes, IIRC, the exotic matter required for the Alcubierre drive to work, (or any similar principal for FTL travel), has to have a negative mass, or a negative density, something like that.
    It's one of those ideas that can be possible according to mathematics, but VERY implausible since it requires physics which is contrary to all observations.
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