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Automotive Using syngas to run a car

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    I'm doing a report on ways to use a biomass system we're working on. My professor wanted me to look into using the syngas from the gasifier to run a car. I'm just having trouble finding sources on what you need to actually do to use the syngas for an engine. I've been searching all day and the best I could find is that you have to install a pressurized gas tank, run the gas into the fuel injectors, and do some other things to valves and other parts that weren't described. Just wondering if anyone here has any experience or knowledge of this or any links. I was thinking I could just consider it the same as a natural gas conversion but the site for the gasifier itself says syngas has special considerations but didn't give what differences you need to do.
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    Have you Googled syngas and followed the links? It is highly unlikely that anybody here who has relevant experience would would take the time to write you an on-line tutorial about it. Just a suggestion.
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