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Calculators Using the ti-89 for Physics.

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    I am pretty good with my calculator, but I am beginning to notice that my ti-89 titanium has many features that I am not making use of when I am working on my physics HW or exams. I am not talking about programs that can be downloaded, but the built-in features.

    I am wondering if anyone knows of a website or a guide that teaches how to use the ti-89 when doing physics problems. It is one thing to see the prof work on the board, but she never does anything with the calculator except remind us we need to bring it for the exam.

    For example, I just figured out how the conversions function to work (without getting inconsistent units), and I am trying to figure how the impDif function works.

    Any help is appreciated, a guide that uses the ti-89 would be nice, but also have a ti-84.
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    I searched google and found this...

    http://education.ti.com/educationportal/downloadcenter/SoftwareDetail.do?website=US&tabId=2&appId=6129" [Broken]

    Enjoy it! :tongue:
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    I think you have to download it. I couldn't find one you didn't have to download unfortunately...
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    Yeah, I have that from when I bought it, I was thinking more about lessons that teach how to use the calculator with a specific focus on physics. At least I can use the file to search for things instead of flipping through the pages. Thanks for the reply tho.
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    I'll have another look for you.
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    Try this...

    http://pages.infinit.net/carl/TI89tutoen.html [Broken]
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