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Calculators Using TI-89 Plus or computer-based packages to get the moment of inertia

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    can anyone suggest ways on how to calculate the moment of inertia using:
    1) graphics calculator [TI-89 plus] and/or
    2) any computer-based packages
    for a cylinder, cone and sphere?
    I believe that a program can be created in my graphics but i dont seem know how to create such a complicated one. if anyone can suggest steps, even if simple, please do so.
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    Since they are regular and symmetrical objects, you coud just integrate and obtain the formula and put the formula in the computer program.
    [tex] \int r^2 dm [/tex]
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    First, what does "you could just integreate and obtain the formula" mean? do i intergrate the volume of it or what?

    second, is it possible to calculate the moment of inertia using Ti-89 or any computer program from scracth without me integrating it and putting the formula in the computer program? Is there a way where i can just simply type in (eg. r or h)?
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    So basically you are asking "How do I get the formulas without knowing anything at all about moment of inertia"- and the answer is: use "google".

    The formulas are given about halfway down this page:
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