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Using US tire warmers in Aus

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    Hi everyone, stumbled across this forum in my quest for answers regarding my tire warmers


    I purchased some pretty flash tire warmers for my 1198s ducati from the US I saved a heap. I bought them with the intentions of buying a step down transformer (240V to 120V 2000W), I have made some inquiries and among the inquiries some have mentioned I might not need a transformer as some appliances can plug straight into the wall with only the use of a plug adapter!

    I wouldn't be asking this question if doubt wasn't cast into my mind

    Tire warmers are basically a hot blanket with 3 temp settings, this set draws 1400w and are made for the US

    What do you recommend ?
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    shippy, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    There are some devices that can operate on 240 Volts or 120 Volts. But unless your heater blanket is marked specifically with this capability, do not risk damage or fire.

    Do not connect that 120 Volt device made for the U. S. to your 240 Volt wall power! If you do, expect maximum smoke!

    Your plan to use the step-down transformer (240V to 120V 2000W) is the correct one.

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    thanks mate
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