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Using VB to find determinants

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    I want to use Visual Basic to create a programme that finds the determinant of a 4 x 4 matrix. I have some code and an idea how to do it but the process doesn't use arrays and is bloody long and doesn't work perfectly.

    My problem with the arrays is that I can't seem to get the right variables to compute the correct values so to find the determinant.

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    take upper bound of first part of arry and put second under that , this is nice example of nested "For Loop"

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    Two questions first:

    Are you using a 2-dimensional array?
    How is the data encoded.

    I'd suggest hard coding the array at first just to see it working. It is a lot of copying and pasting.
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    I remember you asked this question before. You also said you got 95% on the assignment, so you probably have some idea what to do. Remember this thread? You can check out the code there, and ask questions if you don't understand. Of course, it's not in VB, I'm guessing I wrote it in more of a C++-ish language, but if you can get the ideas right it shouldn't be hard to parse that to VB.
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