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Usual QM with 'loops'

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    Let be a classical particle with Hamiltonian

    [tex] \pi _{t}-p^{2}-V(x)=0 [/tex]

    can we describe the QM version of it (particle under the influence of a potential) using 'Loops' instead of Waves ?? i mean, although this is a toy model can we apply 'Quantum Loops' to solve the problem ??
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    what are 'Quantum Loops'?
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    You mean something like loop quantum gravity?
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    Yes Demystifier..like 'Loop Quantum Gravity' but applied to normal QM (Non-relativistic) using Loops instead of Wave functions and so on
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    I have seen one paper claiming that when LQG type of quantization is applied to the ordinary harmonic oscillator, one does not recover the usual results on quantum harmonic oscillator. Unfortunately, I cannot recall which paper was that.

    I would suggest to ask the same question at the "Beyond the Standard Model" subforum (or that moderators translate this thread there) because there are several LQG experts on this subforum.
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