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Utterly confused about BBT

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    According to the research I have conducted on the internet (google), I have found that according to the BB Theory, the universe began expanding in extremely short intervals of time. Also, I have learned that the BBT says that the universe was supposed to have originated from a singularity.

    Now here is my problem. It takes 10^49 (I think; if that is incorrect, the point is that it takes billions of years..) for a singularity to have fully evoporated. That is older than the universe, and defintely older than the extremely short intervals of time. I must get going now, but I hope you all understand my problem here without my restating my points.
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    An "evaporating singularity" in that time frame sounds like a Black Hole singularity...which is very different thing than the "singularity" which is frequently discussed as the Big Bang seed. So it seems that you are confusing a point-of-compressed-mass-in-space with all-space. The Big Bang was the extremely rapid expansion of space that marks the beginning of our universe. A Black Hole is a collection of matter compressed down to a point.
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