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Uuq and Uuh the Same ?

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    Uuq and Uuh the Same ??

    As I recently glanced over the newer up-to-date Periodic Table of Elements, I noticed that (Uuq) Ununquadium and (Uuh) Ununhexium the so-far 2 only unknown elements have the same Atomic Mass. It is possible that they are differnent but it didn't seem too possible that they could be, based on the fact that no known 2 elements are. I did some research but there was no extensive information to base a theory, so does anyone know why that is and if it could be noticable possible that those 2 elements are in fact the same? Thank You.
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    Uh, I'm sure they have different proton numbers, which justifies their different positions on the periodic table and thus being called different elements.

    Having the same mass? Remember that for these elements, we have only managed to observe them for tiny fractions of a second - they most certainly are not stable. Therefore, the mass refers to the isotope that was first synthesised, and hence it is probably just a matter of co-incidence that different methods used to make the two elements resulted in some atoms with the same nucleon number.

    It is definitely possible to have two atoms of different elements have the same mass. Consider an atom of carbon-14 and an atom of N-14 -> same mass, drastically different properties. In this case, their accepted RAM are different because we are taking averages, and most C is in the form C12. But with the ununs, when we only have a tiny amount, it's not all that unlikely.

    In summary:

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    Well...its been a while since i have had this kinda science, but personally i think that since most if not all of the "Unun----" elements degrade very rapidly, and therefore cannot be effectivly used for anything, should not be elements. But i guess since they are technically elements on account of them having more protons or whatever, but since they ARE elements...blah blah blah....Time to make a sammach.
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