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UV Lamp specifications

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    Hello everyone,
    I own a handheld UV lamp, it looks like this: 319c7nd1-QL.jpg
    I've been using it for my hobby interests, like finding out what luminescent materials at home etc. Recently a friend of mine told me that germ killing uv light could be dangerous to sensitive retina parts. I know that this handheld light is for checking for lumeniscent paint, but what if it could emit high energy uv?
    Even though it claims that it is not a germ killer uv, I don't really trust it. It's a cheap chinese made (probably) product. I've read somewhere that a chinese 5mw-green laser emitted too much invisible ir light because it lacked an ir filter. Something like this may have happened here. When working, my eyes get tired fast.
    In the box, it says it has maximum 4W power, using four 1.5V AA batteries. It also says "DC 6V battery operated". Note that it has a led light source at the tip of it, which can be used simultaneously, so the maximum 4W usage doesn't come only from the UV tube.

    My question is, is it safe? Or should I not use it again?
    Thank you
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    Ultraviolet A UVA 315–400 3.10–3.94, 0.497–0.631 Long wave, also known as black light, at low intensities is not harmful; but, for safety you should never direct it at your skin or eyes. Even so, I would recommend that you wear sunglasses any time you use it and never directly expose your skin to the direct light source.

    However, if there is no type of US certification of the safety or frequency range on the light or its packaging, I would strongly recommend for your health and safety that you not use it at all.
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    Okay, thank you so much!
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