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UWB radar and Mining.

  1. Nov 27, 2004 #1
    There's an interesting development in radar. Seems an Isralie company, Camero, should have (in a year) an ultra wideband radar, that generates an image, similar to the sonar images, seen in the maternity wards. Supposedly the machine would be sold to police departments to see through (bad guy's) walls. Or be sold to rescue departments, for use in seeing through concrete, and locate survivors. Time Domain is the U.S. version of this technology, but with less resolution than Camero is aiming for.
    Anyway, I wonder what the theoretical best that UWB radar can do in the way of resolution? I'm familiar with gpr, that generates, say an arc on the screen, which represents a pipe. Kind of abstract.
    Anyone have any idea how far UWB radar would penetrate a rock like shale? I'm hoping to make an image of metal, about a foot wide, buried say 10 feet in shale. I tried reading a book on electronics and antennas, made my head hurt. Besides I think this short burst, UWB is pretty new. Cheers.
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