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Homework Help: V-shaped Pendulum help

  1. Nov 26, 2009 #1
    Hey there,

    Basically we had an experiment where we had to change the distance 'd' on a v shaped pendulum (0.5d for each side of the V)..where the value 's' which is the hypotenuse distance of the V stayed constant but the vertical distance changed.

    does the following formula hold:- we know T = 2pi√L/g

    now for this experiment using pythagorus' theorem we can find that L = s^2 - 0.25d^2

    which gives T = 2pi√√s^2 - 0.25d^2 / g

    is this correct and does the equation hold.

    also what other things can i talk about to analyse V-shaped pendulums in particular, I have to write a long essay on it. and was wondering what else i could say the experiment.

    Thanks a lot
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