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Vacations in Poland - take 2

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    This time we took to the north. In Poland to the north means - sea. Baltic Sea to be exact. It is not as salty as the true seas are (something like 2% compared to 3.5%), so it is realitvely poor when it comes to sea species, but that's the best sea we have :smile:

    First day was beautiful - weak wind, a lot of sun, temperature around 0 deg C. *

    That's the way Polish coast looks alike - it is shaped almost solely by sea currents that flow to the east, so we have over 500 km of sandy beaches. Unfortunately that also means all bays are sooner or later closed with sandy peninsulas and become lakes. In effect there are almost no natural ports in Poland. *

    The sea and beaches are not a place where you can see a lot of people in the winter, so we were almost alone. I am taking picture of the sand, Marzena is taking picture of me. Nobody is taking picture of both of us, although as you see some people were here before. In other places sand was a true virgin.

    Coast line moves back and forth. Several hundreds years ago coast line was a little bit more to the north (left on the picture) and forest was growing here. Now here and there old tree trunks can be seen on the beach.

    One of two or three species of grass that grow on the dunes, this particular one tries its luck on the beach. I love those circles in the sand.

    This day was particularly foggy. We went to the beach again, but soon decided to take pictures not of the sea, but of the fog. Or of whatever was visible in the fog.

    Like tree.

    Or almost nothing.

    Lighthouse Stilo was particularly well visible, as it is on the hill. Low, nonethelss hill, so the lighthouse was over the fog. *

    Next day. Slightly better visibility - no fog - but cloudy, with occasional shower. Perhaps more like dripping tap. This is not sea - this is a fresh water lake, separated from the sea by about 200 meters of what was peninsula several hundred years ago. As it is lake, it is frozen.

    That's yesterdays fog frozen on the trees. *

    These trees have not started to grow on the sand... *

    ...we are on the moving dune. Winds in Poland blow mostly to the east, so dunes move to the east as well, at several meters per year.

    This dune is huge. *

    And views here are rather unexpected - we are not on the desert.

    Layers of sand, over the beach. I suppose they look the same way on every beach in the world. *

    And finally... One evening we tried to take night pictures of the sea. Generally it didn't work, it was too dark. But this one...
    The Shining :wink:

    As usual, Marzena's pictures marked with *.
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    Great pictures Borek, i love the frozen lake one most.
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    Very nice, Borek and Marzena! Looks so cold, much like the coast here in Washington state (only we usually have bigger waves). Especially, I like the fog pictures.

    Looks like you were the only people there, except for the footprint evidence. Guess not many people take vacations to the coast in February...kudos for being tough!
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    Really lovely photos. It seems like a great relaxing get a way for you both.
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    So you are on vacations, taht 's why things are so peaceful around. Enjoy, I have to go to the temple too now. :wave:
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    Great set. I would love to be able to explore a place like that.
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    Lovely to see, thanks Borek. I like circles in the sand too, but my favourite shot was the frozen fog on the trees in the distance and the grass in the foreground.
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    Thank you all for kind words. Neither place nor pictures deserve them.

    All the time it was around freezing, so not bad. We were making 15-20 miles a day (no bikes this time), it helps keep warm. Plus we have pretty warm and airtight jackets.

    This is a common reed growing on the lake shore. Technically common reed is a grass :smile:
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    Very nice Borek. This area used to be covered by giant pine trees millions of years ago, hence there is so much amber.
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    Fantastic shots, as usual.
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