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Vaccum tubes

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    Hey all;

    None of my EE classes cover vac tubes since they're largely obsolete. The thing is, for my senior design project (I have a year or so, no rush.) I'd like to build an audio amplifier. From experience I know the advantages of vac tubes and am willing to put up with the drawbacks.

    I was wondering if you know of any extremely good texts that cover tubes from top to bottom. I know nothing about them and will have to teach myself completely. IE a book covering a tube as an extension or special case of another element won't do. Help?

    Thank you.
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    I don't know whether or not this will be helpful, but I have a bunch of old radio and TV repair manuals from the 50's & 60's, including one specifically about tubes. They're at my mother's place, so it will take a while to get them. I'll give you the titles, authors and publishers so you can see if you can find them. Otherwise, I can probably e-mail or PM excerpts without violating copyrights.
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    You might want to check out Randall Aiken's recommendations. I have some of these books, and his "take" on them is pretty accurate, IMO.

    http://www.aikenamps.com/Bibliography.html [Broken]
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    I know some audiofiles say that tubes are superior to solid state for audio amplifiers, but I don't see any reason for that. I believe it is only another urban legend.
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    I am now in my mid-50s, and I can hear frequencies that teenagers hear that people my age typically cannot (mosquito ring tone). Please believe me when I tell you that extremely short rise-times and "accurate" SS amplification of input signals does not always equal "pleasant" music. My best stereo rig 25 years back was a set of Mac 30 monoblocs with a clean SS preamp and a pair of Klipsch speakers. Unfortunately, I moved frequently to follow construction jobs, and allowed convenience to rule. I went with a nice Sansui integrated amp with smaller Bose speakers that were better-matched impediance-wise. :yuck: I want those Mac 30s back! :cry:
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    I see some great links on berkeman's reference. I would also add the following link, part of NEETS (Naval Electrical Engineering Training Series). They outline a comprehensive treatment of electron tube theory and application.

    Be sure to check out some of their other Elec Engr discussions.
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