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Vacuum air leakage

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    Hello everyone, i am now doing some research about a vacuum table. May i know how can i calculated the atmosphere air that enter into the vacuum table through the opened small hole on the surface of the vacuum table which the vacuum pump operate at different vacuum pressure?

    Eg: the top surface of the vacuum table has "X" number of opened small hole which has a diameter of 1mm. So, the cross sectional area is 0.785mm^2. If there are 100 holes on the table top surface, but during operation, only 70 holes is covered and the rest is open to the atmosphere. So, now the leakage is happening. Whereas now i have a venturi pump which will deliver vacuum pressure, how do i ensure the pump is having enough power to suck the things on the table? By now, i think i need to calculated the air leakage from the top is either larger than the outsource air, if yes, then the pump cannot ever deliver a vacuum pressure inside the table. So, may i know any formula to help me for my calculation? thanks.
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