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Vacuum Cleaners

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    I was watching my mother vacuum the floor today. How do they work? What produces the suction?
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    Vacuum tubes.

    Nah, just kidding. It is produced by a fan.
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    Taking apart an old vacuum cleaner
    is something I would reccomend
    everyone do at least once in their

    The powerful motor drives a fan
    as doc said, but the fan is speci-
    ally engineered. It is two thin
    plates of sheet metal and the
    blades are curved pieces of metal
    that separate the two plates.
    There is a large hole in one of
    the plates. When the motor spins
    the fan air is thrown out radially
    from between the plates. This
    causes more air to be sucked into
    the hole.

    The air is blown into the dust bag
    where the dust is trapped and the
    "filtered" air is squeezed back
    out into the atmosphere through
    the pores in the bag and its cover.

    The motor also drives a revolving
    brush via a belt which loosens
    dirt fron the carpet and helps
    throw it up into the fan blade.
    When you suck up a penny or screw
    the machine will complain. This is
    the object encountering the fan.
    Some less well engineered vacuums
    have plastic fan blades that you
    can break if you suck up anything
    of substance. Some vacuums are
    rigged so that everything coming
    in actually bypasses the fan. The
    one I had like this wasn't as
    powerful as the other type.
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