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Vacuum container.

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    Hey physics forum,
    My name is Lawrence and I have a crazy idea, i want to create a vacuum container (as close to space as POSSIBLE). then I want to fill it with equal parts of the pure elemental gases. I know this might be impossible but if anyone knows away to build a containment field and a vacuum to pull everything out of it before inserting the gas. ANY help would be extremely helpful. Thank you.
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    Why would this be impossible (or even difficult)? Vacuum chambers are commonplace in the physics community, and filling containers with elemental gases is commonplace too...
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    My Father has said it was impossible, I'm trying to build it at home, and I'm actually quite new to everything. I have just started my OFFICIAL physics education and have fallen for it, I have done the occassional project on the side, a Tesla Coil here and an "HHO engine" there. I hope you can forgive the uneducated question but I'm curious about every advancement we've made.
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    Welcome to the PF, Lawrence. Here is a link to learn more about vacuum pumps and vacuum chambers:


    And here is a general link for learning more about general physics topics:


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    Playing in vacuum can go from crazy to ultra cray, depending on what performance you expect from your system. You might peruse a vacuum enthusiasts page:
    Generally, the price goes from expensive to OMG expensive, with a good general system being a turbo pump tied to your main chamber and a vane pump backing that. WIth a little playing an some valves, you shoulde be able to go from 10-7Torr on up to 1 Torr
    Of course, even for the simpliest syste, you'll need a means of flow control (needle valve) and a remeasuring device (pressure or low).
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    There might be a shortcut to the desired end by consulting with manufacturers of gaseous signs. Neon, argon, etc. are routinely sucked into evacuated tubing in order to advertise the local bar or burger joint. I'm sure that one of them would be able to give you a simple tube of multiple gases for a reasonable fee.
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    :D i cant believe that I didn't think about that. I've already set up a good connection with the local neon sign, He gave me one of his 15kv 30ma iron core transformers for CHEAP. I will definitely ask for their help THANK YOU.
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    You're more than welcome. Always remember that sometimes "simple with a price tag" is better than "complicated for free". :biggrin:
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