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Vacuum energy

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    document is titled "taming the fierce energy of the vacuum",
    i just tried the link also i will find site and se if i have boobed
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    just add .htm to the URL

    to get there.
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    I fixed the link.

    But am also booting this over to TD.
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    The Modern Vacuum: Empty Space Has Unlimited EM Energy
    "Vacuum" is what we usually think of as the empty space left after all the air is removed. However, in modern physics it is well known that space is not such an "emptiness" at all. Instead, it is filled with energetic particles that appear and disappear with extraordinary speed. Hence, "the vacuum" in physics is more like a seething cauldron, boiling fiercely [29]. The energy density of this boiling is so great that it literally boggles one's mind [30]. ……..

    One of fundamental astrological laws, which idea was known still to ancient Egyptians, asserts: “Nothing is static, all vibrates and the whole our universe — it is dynamical, mutable and developing continuity”.

    I think there is difference between vacuum within atom and vacuum between atoms. To clarify it, it is necessary thoroughly to research the geometrical form of atoms and what happens on boundary of these two vacuums. Probably, then we shall discover the answer to your question – Can an Electrical Power System Output More Energy than We Input to It?
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