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Vacuum Fluctuation Dimensional Constraints

  1. Jul 20, 2008 #1
    I understand that vacuum fluctuations can spring into and out of
    existence within a sufficiently short period of time, under the
    uncertainty constraint.
    However, I am currently a little confused over how this constraint is

    1) Does one use del E.del t = h bar (the commutation relationship) or
    h bar /2 (the uncertainty relationship)?
    2) Does the temporal duration of this vacuum fluctuation thus extend
    from - del t to + del t ?
    3) Consequently, to the extent that it is potentially meaningful, does
    this mean that the maximum spatial extension of the vacuum fluctuation
    is 2c del t?
    4) Therefore, if this vacuum fluctuation comprises a virtual particle
    - antiparticle pair, does this mean they can be treated as having a
    typical separation of c del t?
    5) Finally, would del E in the above formula be the massenergy of
    either particle if real, or the massenergy of the pair if real?

    Any advice on this would be appreciated, as these various factor of
    two possible differences in interpretation could become vitally
    important in determining what types of particles and antiparticles
    could potentially be released by a given strength of tidal
    gravitational field.
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