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Vacuum Fluctuations

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    I am interested specifically in the rate of formation of particle-antiparticle pairs in the empty void of vacuum space according to Quantum Theory? For example: for any given cubic centimeter of empty vacuum space, the rate of formation of electron-positrons is X pairs per second; the rate of formation of photons, or gravitons, is Y and Z pairs per second, and so on. The term "RATE" would include a complete cycle such as the creation-pairing-annihilation. How would these numbers be calculated according to QT?
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    The issue is complicated by the fact its now thought virtual particles are simply an artefact of the perturbation formalism used in QFT - they don't really exist.

    Its a bit hard to calculate what you are asking for things that are mathematical artefacts.

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    If they do not exist - then what explains Hawking Radiation or the Casamir Effect ???
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    We don't know at this stage because non-perturbative methods are still in their infancy. We simply know when they are not used virtual particles do not appear.

    Check out:

    'The collection of Feynman diagrams without loops describes exactly the scattering of classical fields in a perturbation theoretic treatment; the diagrams with k loops describe quantum corrections of order O(hbar^k). If virtual particles had a meaning, then they would already exist in classical field theory, since tree diagrams have internal lines. But nobody ever claimed that predictions of classical field theories bare caused by virtual particles.'

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    As I understand it, there are ways of calculating both of these that do not involve virtual particles.
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    That's correct.

    Its just they are not as advanced as the pertubative methods and not understood as well since they are done on computer.

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    OK. Thank you for enlightening me about "virtual particles" - they don't exist. I would like to propose we end this discussion. I do have more questions that I will pose in some new threads. Thanks to all. Special thanks to Bhobba for the VP reference.
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