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Vacuum force theory

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    I have added a new page to http://elasticity2.tripod.com/ titled Vacuum and Radii .Scroll down home page to title.
    This contains a preliminary report on the relationship between vacuum force and radii.
    Earlier pages showed how to find the vacuum force (TFQHE) and the relationship between bonding force and mass.
    All pages will need amending to take into account the statements made on the 'Vacuum and Radii' page, but readers can now see the possibility of turning the Single Force concept into a new theory of Particle (i.e. not Quantum)Physics.
    In future all progress reports will be made on this forum so interested readers should make regular monthly visits, progress takes time and reports at less than monthly intervals are unlikely.
    I am still relying on Emsley's table for the bulk of my data on atoms. This as Emsley states, is not by any means the full data; so far all attempts to get at the source material have failed due to inaccessability or cost, any reference to accessable source data would be welcome.

    Have replaced missing diagram

    Added diagram of isotopes of Cadmium to show how structure changes are explained in a Vacuum Force Model. (and yes I have checked the diagram is there this time!).
    The difficulties of working on this model can be realised when it is notice that of the 31 isotopes of cadmium details are only available for 11.
    Figures given for the average radius vary from 149pm to 172pm. I have used the higher figure as this seems to fit in well with adjacent interpolations; but in the end it is not possible to do more than try to give an impression of atomic structure in a Vacuum Model; a decent standard of accuracy is not within reach without access to a higher standard of data. It is out there but is simply not accessable by an amateur.
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    and I took the complete lack of replies to this page as severe criticism. The only reason I have not closed down is that in Saturday's London Telegraph there was a report of another conference to try and decide whether the current impasse in the Standard Model should be resolved by the introduction of anti-gravity or vacuum.
    As an ardent supporter of vacuum I resolved to have one more try (the last thing we need is yet another undefined entity). This time I am arranging my site in book form, comments please.
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    Revised page on Force now available
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