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Vacuum Motor Questions

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    I got a few vacuum motor questions and i think im in the right place to ask them:confused:

    1.What would be the maximum CFM a vacuum cleaner motor could move? (This is with an open motor meaning that its no longer a vacuum cleaner but just the motor so theres nothing to slow the airflow down)

    2.If you used a suction cup(like they do on those stupid vacuum cleaner commercial to pick up a bowling ball) What would be the maximum weight a vacuum motor could lift?

    3.I have mounted 6 vacuum motors to a wooden box so all the motors will suck air out of the box. With each motor thats turned on would the sucking power be doubled?

    4. If all 6 motors were on what would the max CFM and max weight it could lift be?

    If anyone needs pics to see what im talking about just ask!!
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    Can noone help me out here??
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    What makes you think these are mathematics questions?

    I'm moving this to general engineering.
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