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Vacuum permeability

  1. Oct 4, 2012 #1
    I got the following for the units of Vacuum permeability:

    H•m−1 A2•s-2•kg•m T•m•A-1 N•A−2 V•s•A-1•m-1

    Does anyone see anything wrong with these units?

    Are the SI base units correct?
    A2·s4·kg−1·m−3 in SI base units

    Should it be (Amps)-2 power?
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    It is hard to read those units (HTML removes multiple whitespace unless you use
    Code (Text):
     tags or something similar). Anyway, see [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuum_permeability]Wikipedia: Vacuum permeability[/url] for some ways to express those units.
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    I got these from Wiki but want to know if they are correct
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    In basic SI units it is
    [tex]kg \ m \ s^{-2} \ A^{-2} [/tex]

    For the rest, you can easily check the units to see if they reduce to the same expression in basic units. But you don't have to. Just try to find the equation that provides the unit.
    For example, if you look at the magnetic induction of the current loop and express the permeability as a function of the other quantities, you find T m /A.
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