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Vacuum polarization

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    Can somebody give me a paper where the effect of vacuum polarization is calculated for a hydrogen atom? I mean where there is a real formula to calculate "immediately" the distribution of the positive vacuum charge and negative.

    I didn't find something useable about this.

    Thanks for everyone who can help.
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    Although 1) it seems to be a passionating item, 2) I have been myself beginning my learning initiation in physics with this kind of ideas and I have spent a lot of time in investigating this way 3) I have found (At least I believe it, but I got until this day no feed-back to confirm of conversely critic my approach) a strange connection between gravitation and EM fields, I must have the fair play to say that this promising approach didn't yield until now any concrete result in the direction you want to explore; so, I am sorry, you get no help from me. But I wish you good luck
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    Ah, otherwise, if this way of thinking is really the way to explain all particles (with or without charge, color, ...) it must be a technically very difficult one; quite over my head. It implicitly implies to understand vaccuum (vaccuo: energetic states) as a or with the vision of a perfect energetic fluid. Although this representation is not totally in contradiction with some recent results obtained at the Fermi Lab, it seems to be a hard discussed subject and not a place for peaceful investigations. So, as amateur, I cann't help here.
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    I know how we can derive the whole thing but I don't understand this formula. Its a kind of a modified vacuum polarzation tensor applied to coulomb field of a nucleus.

    So I want to have another reference where I can compare the result optained in my book and obtained elsewhere.
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    There are books where the calculation of vacuum polarization effects to Lamb shift is computed. While "the distribution of the positive vacuum charge and negative" can't really be computed.

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    Well I have a book at home where this distribution is computed. The whole of a positively charged particle induced vacuum polarisation charge is very tiny even for a Pb-atom.
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