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Vacuum pumps

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    Can any dry pump be reused for evacuating a chamber? Ie: I have a 2hp compressor, can I use it to make a vacuum chamber.

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    You'd get some vacuum, how good it is, is another question. For good vacuum you need turbo pumps and the likes.
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    Yes, most compressors (pressure pumps) can be used as a vacuum pump simply by choosing how you apply the inlet and discharge of the pump. With an open inlet to atmosphere and the discharge piped off, it acts as a compressor pumping up the pressure in the discharge manifold. If the inlet is piped off and the discharge is open to atmosphere then it acts as a vacuum pump reducing the pressure inside the inlet manifold. The type of seals and cooling methods designed for the particular machine will help predict how much positive or negative pressure the pump can produce and for how long.
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    Of course, a vacuum is measured by pressure. Anything below atmospheric pressure can be referred to as a vacuum. The better your equipment, the lower the pressure you can attain. You might want to get a pressure gauge and measure just how good a vacuum you can get. It could be a first experiement.
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