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Vacuum question

  1. Nov 26, 2009 #1
    If you were to destroy all the air around an object, would that give you a temporary vacuum or would the air be replaced so quickly that it wouldn't make a difference?
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    Is the object inside an enclosure? If not, air would come in immediately.
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    Well it couldn't come in faster than the speed of sound.

    Something pretty similair happens to make thunder
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    No, the object is not inside an enclosure. I was thinking of any type of sealed object traveling through the sky.
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    Are you certain that this is true? Could you explain the logic please? So then a supercavitation type of phenomenon would be possible but with a vacuum.

    Would you mind elaborating please. Thanks
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    Also, lets say that the object has acceleration. I know this would affect the airflow but how?
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