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Vacuum Selection

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    What is the Maximum number of braincells needed to calculate the Minimum,or precise initial Vacuum of Stringtheory? :cool:

    Q)Why does stringtheory need a Maximum number of Braincells to calculate a minimum equation?

    Q)Is there a correspondence between the Maximum and Minimum number of braincells and Information Entropy?

    great thread by Lubos:http://motls.blogspot.com/2004/11/violation-of-complementarity.html
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    I'm thinking about starting a new physics forum entitled 'Not Even Funny'. Suggestion: try asking serious questions without being insulting. Hint: I found that 'clever' remark insulting.
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    Time you read thread in the link above?..hint, Shahriar S Afshar's reply to Lubos..and following postings.

    If you 'think' that there is a clever remark in my post that is "insulting"..then you are using way-to-many braincells for all the 'obvious' wrong! reasons.

    Thanks for being a 'guinea-pig', though I doubt anyone else would be offended, but saying that if they had 'NOT' read the link-posting first, then I guess my wording could be "not-even-classified"?

    Look for words in the Lubos thread such as :Kaehler action

    P.S something quite apt by Afshar caught my eye:Finally, I would appreciate if you find the facts about exactly what I have said, before going out there and making inaccurate quotations on my behalf.
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    Whatever. Perhaps it would have been more effective to post the link BEFORE making inane remarks. Apologies for the inaccurate quotations. I didn't realize I quoted you. Perhaps you have your own special definition of what constitutes a 'quotation'.
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