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Vacuum Tension of Surface.

  1. Jul 8, 2003 #1
    In another thread there have been some interest in the Casimir Effect-Vacuum Force-Surface Tension.

    In the old forum, there were many detailed discussions, suffice to say that where one does the experiment and enviroment of setup can have conflicting results of observation and prediction.

    Firstly, you can mimic the Casimir effect over your kitchen Sink, so lets does some basic experimental test.

    1)Take two comparable metal plates that have a highly polished surface, 4inches by 4inches would be ok(for those that cannot get two such metal plates, you can use two cosmetic mirror's of the same size ,"not cosmic" !)

    2)Place one plate on the kitchen worktop, now holding the other plate, bring together by placing the one in your hand on top of the other, while still holding just one plate, try and lift into the air the plate that is on the surface top? Cant do it ?

    3)Now place a small quantity of water in the center of the plate on worktop, now repeat the process above, and when you bring the plates together , press down the plate in your hand, with enough pressure as to distribute the water all across the surface of both plate's. Now , just holding the one plate by its edge as before,lift into the air,HEY PRESTO!

    4)You have now combined Surface Tension-Vacuum Force-Casimir Effect , and you have defied gravity(which did not allow you to lift the worktop plate earlier).

    You can experiment with different liquids, olive oil for instance.

    There are a number of things going on here, the attraction of the plates have been increased to such an extent that the plates 'bond', therre are some other interesting experiments, you can try it using custard powder instead of Liquids, this will have a baring, as its seems the Solids, Liquids and Gases of states of matter are most important.

    There are a number of technical notions, one is that there are Critical Surface interactions between different states of Matter, and there exists a 'Vapor' or 'SEMI-LIQUID' state when compacted surfaces are brought near by, this has been developed into a new inquiry of intermediate states of matter dubbed, Virtual Gas state.

    But we will leave this for now, but to dwell on the experiment above, lets see what comes.
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