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Vague Ideas

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    1. I'm just wondering if time and space are realy two aspects of the same
    thing, prhaps on the string level, each can be partially deformed, more or
    less, into the other? Since they're basically the same generically. So there
    might be some kind of meaning in talking about at least three dimensions of
    time,i.e. 1-D might be duration, 2-D might be wider duration, 3-D might be
    deeper duration.
    If time and space are somehow convertible, that might explain some
    anomalies, such as modern coins being found in carboniferous strata, etc

    2. String theory apparently assumes there are 10 or maybe 11 spatial
    dimensions, and 1 temporal dimension. It also seems toassume that gravity is
    the same force through all dimensions. Since these dimensions are originally
    are curled up, I am going to assume that every object exhibits at least one
    higher, and maybe every higher, and maybe lower dimension.

    If a straight line deformed into a circle, a 1-d observer would see less
    of it. The line would appear to shrink. If the line was massive enough, the
    pull of gravity would be deflected from the observer. If a circle deformed
    into a sphere, the circle would also appear to shrink to a 2-D observer, and
    the horizontal gravitatational pull would decrease as a vertical pull
    manifested itself, if the sphere was quite a bit larger than the observer.
    The 2-D guy would feel a strange tug 'upward,' which would be eerie. If a
    sphere deformed into a hypersphere, the sphere would appear to shink. The
    hypersphere would not necessarily enclose the observer; it might still be in
    front of him, I guess. If it was massive enough, and large enough, he would
    feel a strange tug, but I can't even imagine it. By analogy, the forces of
    horizontal and upward gravitational pull would lessen. and a new kind of
    pull would increase, which would be eerie too.

    If time and space are two aspects of the same thing, then thinking just in
    terms of higher spatial dimensions might be misleading.

    3. I am wondering if sound can unite or penetrate all the dimensions?
    Could a 4-D person talk to a 3-D person without being seen? I am not sure if
    electromagnetic waves would. Sound just induces a resonance. But apparently
    gravity can penetrate all the dimensions too, so I wonder if there is any
    connection between gravity and sympathetic resonance? They seem totally
    different. OM! (Nothing happened.)

    4. Finally, and irrelevantly, in Brian Greene's book The Elegant Universe
    (Cloth, 1999), p. 197, Einsteain developed a more congenial attitude toward
    Kaluza's idea of a 4th dimensional space that unfied gravitation and
    electricity. Did the alleged 'Philadelphia Experiement,' on which Einstein
    and Tesla are supposed to have worked, occur in that time frame? Apparently,
    the idea was to use powerful rotating magnetic fields to produce
    invisibility; maybe this has something to do with photons carrying
    electromagnetic charge, and producing cancellations in the photon fields.
    But apparently time and space went crazy.. Oh well. Stuff happens.
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