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Valentines Day

  1. Feb 11, 2006 #1
    Alright, so I need something really good to do with my gf for valentines day. I've thought of the usual, nice dinner at a nice restaurant, but I want something really special. Also, any ideas for gifts?
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    Math Is Hard

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    How long have you been dating? What kind of things does she like/like to do?
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    I remember he's 17 and he lives in Canada.
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    MK has a good memory!

    We've been dating 1 month as of the day after Vday. She's pretty easy going, I haven't found something she doesn't like to do yet. For Vday, something romantic though I think.
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    V day, haha.
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    jimmy p

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    What you should do is ditch her, wait until after Valentines Day and find a girl whose birthday is in January. Then you don't have to buy her anything until Christmas. And that's only if you last that long! BARGAIN!!
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    Math Is Hard

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    hmmm... star gazing can be pretty romantic. Do you have a telescope and any place nearby that would be good to set it up? Of course, I guess the weather could spoil plans, so it's risky. I was just remembering that one of my favorite dates was going to a planetarium show and then looking through telescopes afterwards.
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    Did she give you any hints what she wants?
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    Since you live in Canada: One of the most romantic times I ever had in my life was wandering around the beautiful old city of Montreal with a high school sweetheart. Sometimes she took my arm. We had a picnic of bread and cheese on some beautiful grass somewhere, and I bought the first few things she happened to commment on as being interesting or beautiful in shop windows untill my money ran out: a flower, a book she seemed exited to see, some postcards to remember the city by. I would have bought her the whole city for her own private playground if I could've. It's got to be one of the most European looking cities in the Americas: quaint cobblestone streets, vast old stone buildings with green copper roofs.

    Shortly after we got back she dumped me with some vague claims that I had been trying to buy her affections, all this giving her stuff! I had to be up to something with that.

    Years later I found out she was into women. I guess there was no way she could have realized what was eating at her at the time, why she balked at any real bonding. Anyway, though, she had pretty much killed my romantic side. I've never gotten over the fear any gesture like that is going to backfire.

    Have a Happy Valentine's Day.
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    It's women like her that keep women like me from getting Teddy Ruxpins for Valentines Day. :cry:
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    I met my current girlfriend last year on Feb. 12, and started dating Feb. 18.

    Her birthday is on Feb. 9th! We just celebrated it the other day.:surprised

    Note: This explains why we created another Valentine's Day, which I explained in another thread. We didn't want to wait an entire year.

    Not to high jack the thread, I'll throw in what I think.

    Since it's been a month, I would hope that she doesn't put a lot of emphasis on it. Sure make it nice, and everything, but just don't go overboard.

    If I were you, I'd cook diner. Get the table, and dining room decorated, and get some nice music. That should do it.
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    Yup. And she's the reason I only have one shoe. But don't press me for the painful details.
  14. Feb 11, 2006 #13


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    Has she ever told you your tongue is worth diamonds?
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    I don't know, it would work in the summer since I live in the country about 1/2 hour from the city of Ottawa and there is no light polution out here. But I don't know of a planetarium nearby and it's freezing here now.

    I was thinking that, but the only problem is my parents and sisters are both going to be home.

    Her tounge was too busy to tell me anything:smile:

    zooby, that sounds like a great time...srry to hear the result. Montreal is an awesome city, if it was a weekend and her parents knew me better I would consider spending a day there with her, it's only a couple hour drive from Ottawa.
  16. Feb 11, 2006 #15
    For the evening I'm thinking just dinner at a nice restaurant downtown and maybe walk around the byward market area...but I'd love to hear more original/romantic ideas!

    For a gift, I don't know. It's only been 1 month. Is jewelry too much? Are chocolates too cliche?
  17. Feb 11, 2006 #16
    Keep it in mind for the future. It'll be a great time if you can be sure she's not an incipient lesbian.
  18. Feb 11, 2006 #17
    lol, and if I can be sure that her dad doesn't have spies following us...not sure he'd let me take his daughter to montreal...not yet.
  19. Feb 11, 2006 #18
    I didn't bother with parental permission. They didn't find out till we got back. I can still see this girl's mother snarling and growling like a bear as I crawled frantically away pulling my foot from my left shoe, which she had clenched between her teeth...I still have nightmares.
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    :rofl: :blushing:
    Have I ever told you your words are sweeter than candies?
  21. Feb 12, 2006 #20


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    Chocolates are always good, at least I think so. :approve: Just get good chocolates, not those horrid ones in heart-shaped boxes. Jewelry seems like too much after only a month. Flowers are good, but if you thought it was tough getting flowers on short notice for your first date, you'll quickly learn it's impossible to get them on short notice for Valentine's Day! How about a teddy bear? I think Evo would agree that's a sweet gift. :biggrin: Since you've only been going out a month, I would think even if you just spent the day together without any gifts, it would be okay, but I don't want to get you in trouble if she's the sort who will want to exchange gifts.

    But now I know why I'm a good match for Zooby on that OKCupid test...he is afraid of being perceived as going over the top buying gifts, and I'm content with not receiving gifts.
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