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Value Theory

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    I thought this was interesting and Value Theory seems an appropriate place.

    Merriam-Webster's Words of the Year 2005
    Based on your online lookups, the #1 Word of the Year for 2005 was:

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    Is this good that people are interested in integrity, or bad that people don't know what it is, so they have to look it up?:biggrin:
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    I had the same thought.

    Well, the answer probably depends on the distribution function of age. If it is mostly young people, that is good. If instead, it is mostly adults, then society in general has done a poor job of teaching values to its members.
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    No one is integral in some way (look at extreme cases), and all are integral in the other way (the simple cases).

    One of diferent explanations:

    Yesterday I was watching a part of a documental, where there are some mirror neurons, that let us feel what others feel, understand others, recognogize movements, feels, passions, state of person, even that we don't do the work or feel the pain, this enable us inconciently to do things without doing them actually. If you say, "I never will swim", but you watch someone swiming, this neurons are doing that you swim, even the pronunciation of I will never swim are doing that you reflect the swim process..., then you are not completely integral inside, but you are integral outside ;)... see two sides of the same coin dont mean that is another coin.

    2) If you say, I will always take the left way, and you have n-ways (a divergence) in front of you

    Code (Text):

    x __>>_____/______
    Wich one is the left way?, perhaps the one in the midle is the left way or the one at the left is. Also if you will enter to the upper way (the most left way... in some way) you will see that the way where you come NOW is the left way, following that, perhaps you will end turning and turning in the same point XD and never take a path XD...

    Sometimes you can be "completely integral", and other you need be poly-integral, first case is the external case or the final impact, the inner-case (extreme case) you need be necesary poly-integral and some-times contra-integral (for exampe when in mind swiming but your selection is not to swim in fact) for be completely integral.
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    The whole quality inside each individual that, when manifested, holds together each particular cell inside the individual and, holds together each particular being outside the individual, and can be manifested from only right living.

    Either an individual has and is aware of integrity, or neither.

    Either an individual is connected to one's true self and all other beings, or neither.
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