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Values encoded in Brain Neurons

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    Lots of current research showing that primates have hard coded values in the neurons of their prefrontal cortexes.

    costs and benefits in the brain

    Cardinal utility in the brain

    Economic Value in the brain

    (Courtesy of GNXP poster "Coffee Mug")
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    Interesting, and it makes perfect sense that organisms evolve to incorporate at least some hard-wired behavioural parameters (as opposed to each generation having to learn these parameters as they mature), especially in species where regular and repetitive social behaviour is broadly similar from one generation to another, so this should come as no surprise.

    None of this means, of course, that particular morals or values are necessarily "abolute" in any sense - the hard-coded parameters are simply contingent evolutionary responses to a particular environment.

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    can we sticky this link so it doesn't go down the list hehe =]
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    Very nice Self and very interesting.
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    Isn't there something in game theory about everyone always wanting the whole pot for themselves before sharing? Now we might want actually have morals hardwired?

    Well at least somebody oughtta tell Zoobyshoe that zoobies have values. Hmmm...
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