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Van der Waals forces

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    I was hoping to be directed to some literature regarding the van der waals forces between a particle and a surface.

    I have found lots of models regarding particle-particle forces but no extensions of this.

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    What literature has one found.

    Chemistry text books and some physics texts should describe Van der Waals forces.

    For a particle (of a set of molecules) and a surface, ostensibly a different set of molecules, one might not find a discussion in an elementary text book. One then has to look for intermolecular forces between molecules of the particle and surface.

    An elementary discussion.


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    For future reference,

    There is a pretty good review paper which was published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

    The title is:
    Theoretical Models for Surface Forces and Adhesion and Their Measurement Using Atomic Force Microscopy
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