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Van Morrison tonight on ASL

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    Van's voice is weak, but he has an impressive band, including a blond lady on Dobro/steel guitar who is pretty good and a good fiddler and a decent organist, too.

    When I was running open-mike jams years back, and my sister showed up (she's the lead vocalist for her band), we would launch into tight-harmony versions of "Wild Nights" and "Brown-Eyed Girl" and fill the dance floor in seconds. Van Morrison's early music is still very popular.
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    Van's voice is weak? Never! I'm sorry I missed this.
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    Unfortunately, yes. He still has his punchy delivery, but it seems like he lacks the wind for the follow-through, extended notes, etc. Maybe he was dealing with a cold when he recorded that ASL segment, or perhaps he's a smoker and the cigarettes have taken their toll. Still an enjoyable show.
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